Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Investor Burdened by Customary Rights for land and Bureaucracy

JAYAPURA- General Director of Badan Pengurus Daerah (BPD) Himpunan Pengusahan Muda Indonesia (HIPMI / Association Of Young Entrepreneur Indonesia) Papua, Andi Rukman Nurdin, sayd that if there is one big invesment enters Papua, thus its impact will become multieffects to other efforts which is able to move forward the economics to The New Papua.

"Bring investor in to an area is not easy to, but if there is 1 investor start to have masterpiece in an area, as the result will become consideration for the other investor step into its area,” he said to journalist before opened plenary meeting of BPD HIPMI Papua, in Swiss Papua belHotel, Sunday (27/1), evening.

According to him, 3 years ago, BPD HIPMI Papua invited 14 investors to Papua to give contribution for the economics development of Papua, but just about 6 months, they who among other things : Samporna Group and Bentol Group did not continue their invesment in Papua.

He said that, the obstacles that were faced by the investors at that moment so that didn’t continue their investment in Papua, isn’t far differ from some investors who will come into Papua in this time. "They have the same obstacles with the formerly.”

He pronounced that some investors’ obstacles come into Papua which the most difficult passed by is customary right for land and bureaucracy. Nevertheless, concerning customary rights for land, in this time is compiling about its perdasi and perdasus. so that will be expected have earned to be ratified soon. Thereby can give clarity and define which restriction must be conducted by the investors to have invesment in Papua.

Questioning plenary meeting of BDP HIPMI Papua, that the mentioned conducted to terminate his tenure after 3 years led BDP HIPMI Papua, by gives opportunity to the other cadres of BPD HIPMI Papua to continue in moving forward the real sector efforts in Papua, so that the economics in Papua will not depend on government projects.

He expressed, since his action in Papua, 1983 BPD HIPMI Papua until 2008 have owned 20 branches in Papua Province and have replaced their management until 8 times by turns, where 1 period takes place during 3 year. " Actually my tenure ended on November 24th, 2007 but I was given 3 months’ grace until the new official member,” he explained.

For that, as have done by leaders of previous BPD HIPMI Papua, so candidates who have been specified verbally, that is Max R. Krey, Syahril Hasan, Lutfi Arisandi and of bahlil LHD, have to do road show to some regions before election started, because they who'll determine Head Leader of BPD HIPMI Papua are they who live in that regions.

However, it’s expected by Andi Rukman Nurdin, any person who will be chosen become Head Leader of BPD HIPMI Papua have to be supported, and specially to whom it may concern to remains cooperate with the others in the efforts of developing Papua through BPD HIPMI Papua which cooperate with other elements either they who lives in or outside Papua.(api)

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