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Farmers Agrarian Conflict Riau Vs PT Arara Abadi, Causes the Victims of Life

One case involves a conflict of Agrarian Dispute with farmers and police in the other hand, occur again in the Bengkalis district Riau, with the only clear case to extend the list of Agrarian conflict in the country. The case occurred on December 18, 2008

An incident was the trigger when more than 500 troops Mobile Brigade of Riau Police Departement (Polda Riau) with Samapta troops and police armed of Bengkalis Resort using stick , fire Weapon and equipped with Water canon pushed enter the settlement residents. Association officials are directly Lead by Direskrim Polda Riau Kombes Alex Mandalika, perform operations in the form of action to ejectment Of Dusun Suluk Bongkal, as village residents are deemed to annexation of the area HPHTI (Rights control Plantation Forest Industry) of PT. Arara Abadi (APP Groups)

For that action all villager trying to defend themselves by blocking roads access into the village. Other efforts in the form of negotiations with the police who also served in the conducted by the local community leaders, Negotiations that led directly by the head of Dusun Suluk Bongkal, and the Khalifah Ismail and side by lead of STR (Riau Farmer Asociation) Riza Zuhelmi in the aim to ask the basic letter the operation in pursuit of the police action in this village. Because according to the source what we get from citizens, that Dusun Suluk Bongkal based on the administrative map of 4856 in the Ha sign by Regent of Bengkalis 12 March 2007 is legal as in a sheet Pemda Bengkalis by No. 0817-22-0817-31.0618-54 0616 63.

However, police there answers, "We just do mandate.." Get answers that are less satisfactory that the residents called on police not to take repressive action against to the villager of Dusun Suluk Bongkal. Therefore, contrary to the law, First Command No official letter from the police departement and the second, there is no decision of the court issued the execution.

Finally hose around it and then at 11:30 the police try to cut back rows of the mother and mother-child who stand in the way of entry. The clash can not be avoided, in the incident that took Lead of STR Riza Zuhelmy enter by force to a police car. But Finally Riza successfully delivered later in the evacuation to the village.

Seeing that police repression is also more brutally with the beat, kick and shoot demontran by rubber bullet and tear gas towards citizens, the police also to arrest the mothers, so all villagers being mess, at least 2 people affected by stroke. Brutally action by officer, not just stop there until the police to send a helicopter to search people who get run to the forest. Police conducted a search with a helicopter taking action with arogan throw explosives at the top of the home residents are torn loud explosion and followed with fire going burn resident’s home. In the event that has also been the victim died 1 people (child girls, age 2 years)

Until this news we revealed on Monday 22 December 2008 the effort does not stop the struggle of farmers in demanding justice. Dusun Suluk Bongkal residents Riau also bring this case to the Komnas HAM (National Commission of Human Rights) in Jakarta. The response of the Komnas HAM represent by the Vice Chairman of the Komnas HAM Ridha Saleh says, "We will soon undertake in the field and will take steps to ask the Police Departement of RIAU especially in the handling of Agrarian cases not to do with repressive ways," he said.

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