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Soemardi curse of the assault of Dusun Suluk Bongkal

Thursday, 01/01/2009 01:08 WIB

JAKARTA - Indonesia's Member DPD (representatives of local councils) from Riau, Soemardi Thaher deplores and condemns the occurrence of cases of assault in the Dusun Suluk Bongkal, Duri, Bengkalis. As a major public servant, Soemardi also deplore the action of the police from Polda Riau against to the citizens village killed up to Suluk Bongkal, Tasik Serai District Pinggir, District, Bengkalis regency.

"I regret moving by forced the police that caused the fall of victims," he said Wednesday (31/12) in the building DPR / MPR RI, Jakarta.

As known, on Thursday (18/12) and, about 500 members from four Riau Polda police station was evacuation mass of Serikat Tani Riau (STR) that inhabit the land dispute in the KM 42, Dusun Suluk Bongkal, Bengkalis. That Land has been a year since the last set by the status quo by Polda Riau because the conflict between the Dusun Suluk Bongkal with PT Arara Abadi. Caused that attack it, a baby named Putri (2.6 years) died after a fall to the ground when the wells run to save themselves when the police came.

Ex PGRI’s Secretary-General (Teachrs Union Of Republik Indonesia) also say, should the police do a survey first before action to STR mass evacuation. That step is done to see if there are members of the relevant rights ulayat or that have the others parties that sponge this case. "Do not all the mass in the village must move from there," he said.

In addition to requesting to Pemprov (Riau Government) Pemkab Bengkalis (Regency Government) to dispute the agrarian problem with PT Arara Abadi, and also Soemardi requested to Malay Traditional Agency of Riau (LAMR) to also help solve to the problem . Blow up this case, he said , this is a golden opportunity for LAMR to show their love to people, from during the image which pro-government.

"LAMR must be pro active to see directly how customary conditions there. This is the time for LAMR to care to the people. LAMR For as long as this is too preoccupied with ceremonial events to hold the title," he said.

As the council ofLAMR, Soemardi Thaher not stay silent. The leaders will try to meet that LAMR be pro-people over this case. LAMR should ask the police responsible if the victim died as a result of the invasion that hundreds of police officers.

"Whatever happens LAMR be pro-people. Injustice and hubris that torment the people must be stopped immediately," he said.

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