Friday, July 3, 2009

PEFC Chain of Custody Certification in Indonesia

PEFC, as an environmental NGO promoting the sustainable management of the world's forest, seeks to clarify questions surrounding the PEFC Chain of Custody certifications in Indonesia.
1. There are no PEFC-certified forests in Indonesia as there is no PEFC-endorsed certification system operating in Indonesia that meets the stringent requirements set out by PEFC's International Sustainability Benchmark.
Indonesian companies such as APP therefore have not – and cannot – obtain a PEFC certification for its forest management practices in Indonesia.
PEFC-certified timber used by companies in Indonesia, which have obtained a PEFC Chain of custody certification certificate, must therefore be procured from PEFC-certified forests elsewhere in the world.
2. Certification in the forestry sector involves two separate process that are independent of each other; certification of sustainable forest management practices and Chain of Custody certification.
Chain of custody certification is a mechanism for tracing certified material from the forest to the final product. This provides assurances that the product or product line, about which a claim is being made, is linked to a certified forest.
Chain of custody certification can be awarded by an independent accredited third party certification body to any company that meets the strict chain of custody requirements set out by PEFC's International Chain of Custody Standard.
The correct implementation of the Chain of custody in line with PEFC's International Chain of Custody Standard is independently audited and verified by an accredited certification body. In the case of APP, this certificate was awarded by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), a global certification body based in Geneva, Switzerland.
3. PEFC provides a transparent, free-of-charge complaint mechanism to ensure that any concerns against any Chain of custody issued and independently audited against PEFC's International Chain of Custody Standard are addressed.
PEFC has previously received and supported a formal complaint relating to compliance of PT. INDAH KIAT PULP and PAPER Tbk SERANG MILL and PT. PABRIK KERTAS TJIWI KIMIA against its International Chain of Custody Standard. SGS as the certification body issued a response to the complaint, stating that the operations in question are in compliance with PEFC's International Chain of Custody Standard.
4. To ensure the independence, transparency, accountability and credibility of the chain of custody certification process, the standard setter (in this case PEFC International) cannot withdraw a Chain of custody certificate found to be in full compliance with its International Chain of Custody Standard.
However, PEFC reserves the right of action against any chain of custody certified company found to be in violation of its chain of custody requirements.

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